Restaurants have some of the best opportunities for QR code usage.
Even before the customer walks in, you can begin your QR code campaign.

In the window or on the door: A QR code pointed to a your menu or daily specials
Inside: Recommendations from the bar,wine list, information about how to make on-line reservations, a video about the history of your restaurants history.

The Bar:
QR Codes on napkins, embedded on the bar, tents, etc.

The menu:
Daily Specials
Server Recommendations
Wine pairings

The Table:
Calendar of Events
(Music, Special Dinners, etc.)
Wine List with a History of each wine
Dessert Menu
Link to Facebook, Yelp, OPen Table, Etc.

The Check:
Information about loyalty programs
Discount for next meal
Link to online Survey

QR Codes to-go
Take-out menu
cartons, bags, flyers

The Restrooms
Everybody carries thyeir smart phone with them…this can be a great time to get the patron yto scan a QR code

These QR Codes can be printed directly on these items or on stickers to be affixed to existing items.